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Frode Bo Helland and Sindre Bremnes founded Monokrom, a small independent type foundry based in Norway, in 2012. We pride ourselves on offering meticulous, original designs with a Nordic touch. Our typefaces are built to last, and we hope that you’ll continue to appreciate our attention to detail in the years to come. We also offer custom type solutions and lettering, including design-specific and technical optimization for low-resolution environments. Please contact us if you have questions, want a quote, or need more information.


Sindre Bremnes

Sindre Bremnes worked as an editor, critic, and journalist for various newspapers before he started drawing type in his late thirties. He is self-taught as a type designer, and finds inspiration in Northern crafts, art, and nature. Bremnes is an avid hobby-linguist who takes great pleasure in playing music from the Renaissance and baroque eras. His typefaces include Satyr, a dark reinvention of the oldstyle genre intended for continuous reading; Faunus, Satyr’s larger companion; and Mønster, a decorative French Clarendon with an Eastern twist. (Photo: Erlend Berge)


Frode Bo Helland

Frode Bo Helland learned graphic design in his late teens, and became increasingly interested in the smallest (and most important) building blocks of communication design: the letters. In his work, he aims to challenge the fundamental principles of the craft. Vinter, a contrasted geometric sans ranging from a robust medium to a wispy hairline, is Helland’s design. He is responsible for, among other things, Monokrom’s technical font production. (Photo: Erlend Berge)

Daily Manager

Hans Ivar Stordal

Hans Ivar Stordal is a self-employed writer, translator, proofreader, and layman type enthusiast with a background as a comics and magazine editor. He lives in Birkeland, where he handles all the Monokrom paperwork.